What’s So Important About Branding Yourself Online?

I thought I was a marketing expert until I met my SEO Expert Darren Hughes.  After all, I spent over 20 years in marketing and advertising working for world class companies.  Plus I graduated from UT, Austin with a degree in marketing.  That was then and this is now…when the need to learn 21st century online branding strategy is what will define continued success.

In the spirit of full transparency and paying it forward…I am sharing Darren’s branding advice.  Now you know why I’m blogging and you should too!

Being #1 Texas Style

Being #1 Texas Style

“The reason why I speak a lot about the importance of blogging and social media presence is because we really need to improve your brand image.

In order to do business online (generate awareness among potential clients), you don’t just need traffic, but you also need to be able to convince your target audience that you are the number 1 option.

A really effective way of doing this is by showing you as a thought-leader worth investing time and money in. If we’re able to do this, you will find that it’s much easier not only to generate web traffic, but also to convert it into paying customers. Things like writing great content on your blog, and on social media platforms is a cost-effective way of achieving this.” Darren Hughes ~ SEO Expert

I hope Darren’s advice helps your branding efforts and isn’t too overwhelming.  Just know that if you do feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.  Here’s what my very talented Health Coach and friend Nancy Weiser has to say:

“…it’s a lot: not only do we have to be great at what we do at work and at home but you have to be “the number 1 option” and “a thought leader…write great content on your blog and on social media platforms…Sounds like super-Superwoman!”

Please let me know if your interested in joining me for What’s Next for Your Business – a group coaching experience to learn best practices from experts like Daren and fellow participants so you can become the Superwoman~Business man you’re meant to be!

About Roseanne

Roseanne has been coaching since 2005, facilitating breakthroughs for clients from Hearst, Polo Ralph Lauren, Scholastic, Time, Inc., Google, Bristol Meyers, Pace, UBS, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and non profit executives.
She has also shared her knowledge of work readiness and the job search process with hundreds of program participants as the job search coach for both Yonkers (Riverfront) public library and Mamaroneck’s Youth Employment Service office since 2010 and as a teacher and board member with Larchmont Mamaroneck Center for Continuing Education.