Roseanne Amoils created What’s Next Club® to simplify the process of making change. So if you’re considering a career change, re-entering the job market, or looking to shake up your life, career coaching or personal branding with Roseanne is for you. Identify your talents, overcome roadblocks, and move forward!

What motivated Roseanne Amoils, founder of What’s Next Club® to reinvent herself (reintegrate her skills and experience) to become a career coach and personal brand specialist. Excerpt from the MORE Reinvention Panel Discussion recorded by LMCTV at The Mamaroneck Public Library on March 24, 2014 with Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-in-Chief of MORE magazine.

“She is a remarkable listener, and possesses a steel trap of a memory, so I rarely have to bring her up to speed as I discuss the people and situations that make up my week. Roseanne didn’t help me with the “mechanics” of buying a business, but she helped me look at each step in the best possible way, and advised me how I might want to proceed. I have always driven the car, but Roseanne has been a welcome passenger who knew the road ahead. For me, the most important part of working with Roseanne has been the knowledge of having a trusted ally. The process of finding a new career can be difficult, and it’s easy to go negative. Roseanne has always been positive, she has always remained optimistic, and she has the uncanny ability to know when a pep talk is better than a push.” – Walter, Entrepreneur

Roseanne helped one client figure out three things that were important to her, “Suzanne  wanted to improve her wellness, switch careers, and give back. I called her recently. She answered the phone from JFK airport waiting for her flight to Rwanda. Suzanne was going on a two-week volunteer trip to help an NGO (non-profit) in Kigali develop a more accurate budget so they could maximize their grant funds.” Suzanne credits Roseanne with helping her become ‘unstuck’ and changing the direction of her life. Now, two years later, she is working with Roseanne again to help market her health coaching practice after completing Duke’s Integrative Medicine program.

“I was initially hesitant to invest the time and money the What’s Next Club® photo shoot and consultation would require. But, I’m glad I did. The session cemented my confidence in the content of my LinkedIn profile and resume, and gave me a professional photo to match. Roseanne has consistently highlighted the importance of using todays’ career re-launch resources for information gathering and networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, company and industry websites and white papers, the i-relaunch conference and professional consultations. It took at few months, however I found a position I’m excited to begin. My key recommndations are to become current in your targeted fieid, do at least one thing each day to move yourself forward, use your network (It’s bigger than you think!) and stay positive. I endorse the photo shoot and consultation for any stage of your career relaunch process.”   – Judy, Financial Services Professional

“I’ve really enjoyed my coaching time with you – I was just thinking and wanted to share that with all of your help navigating the past year (in particular) I feel so much more confident in taking setbacks in stride.  I think I’ve realized what’s key for me is to handle things with honesty, dignity and grace (and a little humor helps too!).  You’re a great mentor, supporter and friend and I’m really grateful to have had our time together.”  – S. Smith, publishing professional

“I tried Roseanne’s Self Renewal group this past fall. Emotionally, the timing was perfect.  I went in with a lot of self doubt and low self esteem, I came out of the group feeling much more positive and confident.  The group was very supportive, there was no judgement. The experience gave me the confidence and self esteem I needed. I would highly recommend the Self Renewal group to anyone who needs to feel better about themselves, it certainly worked for me!” – Robin, Community Leader

“The  workshop I attended was helpful in connecting me with other professional mothers whom face the same obstacles. I feel that hearing their stories and how they address their daily challenges provided me with a sense of encouragement and support to better negotiate the similar experiences I face as a working professional mom.” – Kim, Entrepreneur

“After completing my WNC Group, I recruited five new consultants in one month for my Pampered Chef business.” – Cornelia, New York