Roseanne-Amoils-Career-CoachWhat’s Next Club® is a Professional and Personal Development Company. From individuals to organizations, we work to harness the experience, innate talents, and passions of each client. Our career coaching and personal branding programs empower clients on their path to successful change.

Roseanne Amoils leads What’s Next Club® and its team of coaching experts. She earned an undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Texas. Prior to coaching, Roseanne worked in marketing and sales at Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, advertising and publishing for Hearst’s House Beautiful and Redbook magazines.

Roseanne was intrigued by coaching and discovered after completing Coach Training Institute’s (CTI’s) coaching program that her prior business experience could help others with their choices.  Shortly after becoming certified, Roseanne founded What’s Next Club®.

Roseanne has been coaching since 2005, facilitating breakthroughs for clients from Hearst, Polo Ralph Lauren, Scholastic, Time, Inc., Google, Bristol Meyers, Pace, UBS, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and non profit executives.

She has also shared her knowledge of work readiness and the job search process with hundreds of program participants as the job search coach at The Yonkers Riverfront library.

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Response to the question “How do you help someone figure out what kind of field they would like to get into…?”

Career Coach Roseanne Amoils shares questions to consider when helping someone navigate a career change or transition. Questions include: Where is your skill set? Where are your innate talents? What are you passionate about? Evaluate your answers objectively and identify the common themes as a place to start. Excerpt from the MORE Reinvention Panel Discussion recorded by LMCTV at The Mamaroneck Public Library on March 24, 2014 with Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-in-Chief of MORE magazine.