Hey, what’s your pssst?

I was so inspired last weekend at a workshop I participated in called The Bigger Game®.  Co founder, Rick Tamlyn’s bigger game inspires people to be their best and he’s amazing at it.  Being in a room of 18 people dedicated to finding their compelling purpose inspired me to dig deeper and ask “What am I about?” Yes, really…what nourishes and sustains me as I get through the daily grind of work, community, home, raising teenagers, friends, loving my husband unconditionally, time for me and our dog George?

How rewarding to play The Bigger Game® for two days and win by defining my hunger for a fulfilling life – a life filled with meaning and purpose – JUST for me…NOT my husband or kids.  A seemingly obvious personal mission statement but not for this mom who spends too much time worrying about where her son is and whether he’s SAFE…whatever that means.

So this guided conversation/blog post/declaration is the beginning of something big for me…birthing my own curriculum.  Announcing The Your Ordinary Self is Enough Platform.

My bold action is to help thousands of people like you believe that you have talent to realize because you’re amazing just the way you are.  So I leave you with this question to get your quest to love your ordinary self started…What’s your pssst (passion~skills~talent)?

Please let me know by emailing  roseanne@whatsnextclub.com.  Join the conversation and let me know how you plan to celebrate what’s easy for you.

About Roseanne

Roseanne has been coaching since 2005, facilitating breakthroughs for clients from Hearst, Polo Ralph Lauren, Scholastic, Time, Inc., Google, Bristol Meyers, Pace, UBS, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and non profit executives.
She has also shared her knowledge of work readiness and the job search process with hundreds of program participants as the job search coach for both Yonkers (Riverfront) public library and Mamaroneck’s Youth Employment Service office since 2010 and as a teacher and board member with Larchmont Mamaroneck Center for Continuing Education.