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What’s Next Club gatherings were inspired by conversations Professional Coach Roseanne had with professionals who wanted to make changes but were too busy to do anything more than talk about it. She came to the realization that career development groups offer a more productive forum for discussing change and implementing it.

WNC interactive career coaching groups, seminars and workshops are designed to move you from THINKING about WHAT’s NEXT into ACTION. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events and scroll down for a sample of available programs:

Career Development Groups

Career Transition

You will receive objective feedback on your career goals, search, and interview process. Career coach Roseanne Amoils, will facilitate, learning, discussion, and peer support on the steps required for successful transition. Start your search every week with a purpose – strategy and partnership to manage your employment challenge/opportunity.

What’s Next for Your Business

Two options to learn best practices from leading experts and fellow participants. Choose which group describes you best:

  • Entrepreneur – 200% focused on moving your business to the next level
  • Mompreneur – program content and discussion adapted for women balancing motherhood AND running a business.

What’s Next after College

Empowering first time job seekers to find the answer to what’s next after college.

Work Ready Westchester – A Training Program to Prepare Residents to Earn the National Work Readiness Credential

Certified Coach Roseanne Amoils of What’s Next Club and Rebecca Mazin of Recruit Right have combined their expertise to develop a training program to prepare youth and adults to earn the National Work Readiness Credential. They have identified public libraries as the site with space and technology available for a successful program. The New Rochelle Public Library and Yonkers Public Library, Riverfront Branch, have asked to host this program. Work Ready Westchester has trainers available for hire to prepare your employees or community members to receive these valuable skills. Contact Roseanne for more information.

What is the National Work Readiness Credential? The National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) is a web based assessment that measures skills to effectively perform an entry level position.

Value to Employers – The National Work Readiness Credential is based on a business-defined standard of the critical skills needed by entry-level workers. Employers hiring candidates who have earned the credential will reduce recruitment costs, improve productivity, minimize turnover, and lower on-the-job training costs by being able to confidently hire entry – level workers who can complete work accurately, on time, and to a high standard of quality.

Value to Job Seekers – The National Work Readiness Credential enables job seekers to demonstrate to prospective employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance as entry-level workers.